The greatest challenge is yet to come !

We always thought leaving was the biggest challenge, actually now that we think continuing the journey seems harder. It has been already six month, and we are on cruise control, let's say we got the travel "rhythm" by now.  Lately we've been thinking about our home, we miss our families, we miss spending time with our friends, we miss the food, and we miss shooting weddings. Yesterday we cried for the first time together, as we were eating some Korean food, which we longed for while, we talked about growing old, and the fear of being alone, inevitably we couldn’t hold our emotions, maybe it was just a emotional outburst for the tiredness our bodies had accumulated, but it reminded again why we are on this journey together.

Yesterday without thinking we signed up for something we are not sure if we are going to be able to accomplish. Now that we really start to think we don’t know if we are naïve or just plain stupid, we signed up for a trek to Base Camp Everest. It is 14 days trek around the Himalayas until reach the camp.  As we did the research, after signing up, we also found out it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Our hearts are still beating at a faster pace as we write this. And the only thing that is going through our head is, why?  Maybe it is just as simple as “because Everest is there”, or maybe we are searching for something. Regardless of the fear in our hearts, our spirits are strong. This will probably be one of the greatest challenges we will face together. We are not trekkers, nor did we prepare physically for this.  We will have to do this with our hearts and spirit. We cannot imagine the joy of being in front of God’s most beautiful creations together. The greatest challenge of this journey is yet to come!

PS: There are some risks, but we did book through a reputable travel agency, and we will be going up with a guide and porter. Also there are villages every 2-3 hours where we will be staying.  The challenge mainly lies on ourselves, but a prayer for us wouldn't be bad.

We hope to bring back some awesome images of the Mt. Everest and share with all of you !

Kary and Tae